About Us

Sunflower & Grit is co-owned by a Mother/Daughter Duo, who together had the same inspiration for a boutique! For years, we had thought about opening up our own boutique, and finally, we bit the bullet.

Jess (Mom) - had always wanted her own boutique, that was trendy, affordable and welcoming to all. She is primarily the "behind the scenes" person, handling the business side of things, but also helping with item selection.

Ally (Daughter) - is the oldest child, who has always had a knack for fashion and style, although most days you can find her in a set of boots working at the horse barn or riding a horse. She is the inspiration to the business, always wanting to shop for clothes, but not wanting to spend all her money on one thing.

Together, we have made our dreams come true with Sunflower & Grit, and we plan to bring you fashionable, trendy and affordable clothing, for all!